Tabletalk intro

Catch up with what Lisa, Rosie Currell, Jess, Rosie Coupland, Olga and Rosa have been doing as a tent group during lockdown.

We meet on Zoom once a week after church and catch up with each other at the beginning. After a chat we look at some verses based around a theme. For example, this week we did doubt. Previously we’ve also looked at faith, joy and grace.

We use the YouVersion Bible app to search for verses around the theme and discuss them, what they mean and are experiences of them. For example,
how we deal with doubt in our week. We finish with prayer requests and a prayer each. We try and keep each other in our prayers throughout the week too.

We decided to start this weekly virtual bible study as a “table talk” because we love to see each other and since camp isn’t on this year we wanted to keep in touch.
We love Purbeck Venture and spending sunny (or windy) days there with each other so we wanted to continue to catch up together.

Thanks Matt, Catherine [and the team!] for everything you’ve done for Purbeck Venture.