Purbeck Venture goes 8-bit…

… for 2020 only

This is our online version of Purbeck Venture which we have dubbed Purweb Venture. It has an 8-bit feel as shown in the logo as we recognise it won’t be anywhere near the full experience that camp is, but we hope to make the best of it.


With so much uncertainty around and whilst wishing to be able to bring some positive news, we switched our planning efforts to bring an alternative programme we felt we could definitely deliver as a replacement.

How it works

In the run up to launch day, there will be some great memories from Purbeck Venture posted, then on 6th August we’ll publish daily content.

There will be all sorts of things to read, watch, do, make and be entertained by, with more added each day. Details of live online meetups will also be posted so we can all see your smiling faces!

In order to access the posts, you need to register with the site. Once you’re in, there will also be a signup to receive your goodie bag through the post.

We look forward to seeing you.

Register now…

How to use this site

Hello! We’re glad you’re here.

There is tons to see and do and we’ve categorised it by day and by type. You can navigate this by the category menus along the top, or by clicking the title on one of the posts. When you do this, you can see what categories that post is in. You can then click on those little buttons to see what else is in the same category (blue) or day (brown).

Have fun. Let us know how you get on!

Main party

Time updated: Please meet under the (virtual) Waterloo clock at 5pm on Thursday 6th August. We’ll post the zoom meeting details soon.

Bring with you something that depicts your time in lockdown. Maybe you’ve learnt a new skill, created some amazing craft, read a big pile of books… Show and tell!

Then, we will be checking you’ve packed everything ready for the week, with our game of rucksack rummage. Fastest person to find each item wins a point.

Once we’ve done that, it’s time to open the first surprise in your goodie bag.


Click on one of the days below to see what we have planned.

Content will magically appear at 6am on that day.

Countdown to Purbeck Venture 2021

Countdown to Monday 2nd August 2021.